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Evervault ( | Engineers, Designers, Interns | Dublin, Ireland or San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

By building the encryption engine for the web, we’re enabling developers to make the next generation of products as secure as possible, and to build in areas that have previously been too sensitive to build in.

We’re a team of five, based primarily in Dublin, Ireland. We get things finished and obsess over minute details. We think rigorously and tinker quickly. We do the most challenging things first. We build, and don’t just talk about building. We’re generalists, and are not afraid of exploring unfamiliar domains. We keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler.

You may be a fit for Evervault if:

  * You want to build durable infrastructure from ground zero.
  * You can decide what to work on, and can teach yourself whatever you need to get things done.
  * You understand that building something important means working long, hard, and smart — not two out of the three.

The things we spend most of our time on are:

  * Applied Cryptography (fully-homomorphic encryption [1], post-quantum cryptography [2], trusted execution environments [3])
  * Infrastructure (designing ultra-low latency systems backed by TEEs)
  * Applications (we know that developers will never want slower implementation, so we invest tremendous energy into carefully crafting our interfaces & flows)

Our investors include Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures, Jeff Weiner (former CEO, LinkedIn), Dylan Field (CEO, Figma), Olivier Pomel (CEO, Datadog), and Alex Stamos (former CSO, Facebook).

We also offer paid internships year-round, and invite interns who impress us to join full-time.

You can reach me directly at